Our SDA staff provides top notch, interactive, fun classes in multiple styles of dance in public and private schools for grades TK-12. We also provide wellness PD's for staff and enrichment classes for after school. Interested in a quote? Email us what you're looking for.

Hip Hop Dance

This Interactive Hip Hop Dance Assembly will have your students, staff, and families up and grooving while learning the culture behind the dance art, and discussing some important anti bullying content. Students will be taken through a journey of hip hop dance exploring the multiple different styles, genres in music, skills, and of course dance moves. Students will watch an opening performance, a discussion behind Hip Hop Dance, an interactive showcase demonstrating moves, and end with learning an anti-bullying rap paired with dance moves. The assembly is 45 minutes long and takes you through a diverse culture journey of hip hop dance.

Time to Move and Groove

In this full interactive dance assembly students will move and groove for 45 minutes. With age appropriate upbeat hip hop movements students will understand their health wellness through the stages of dance by getting their heart rate up and being active. We will end with learning an anti-bullying rap paired with dance moves. This assembly includes a warmup, follow along dance movements, break down/ explanation of movement, a short choreography, and freestyle dance and expression.

Multi Cultural Dance

This informational fun and interactive dance assembly will take you through a global journey through African dance and Dancehall from Jamaica. This assembly will focus on the changes of each culture throughout history by dance demonstrations, explanations, music, and interactive movement. Each style of dance is broken down on its own and then we discuss the similarities and differences between the two. Students will have the opportunity to learn some dance moves as well as watch mini performances throughout. This assembly is 45 minutes long.

Latin American Dance

Salsa, Bachata, Tango, Cha Cha, and more! This interactive dance assembly will showcase the multiple styles of Latin American dance presented by our highly trained instructors. Students will experience short dance presentations, interactive moves, and a discussion on the culture behind each dance. This assembly focuses on the culture and the understanding of the history behind the movement. This assembly is 45 minutes long.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do we need from you?

- A sound system

- Microphone

- Elevated Stage so students can see movement

- Enough space for student interactive portions

Setup Time

- 30 minutes to set up

- 15 minutes to take down

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How many people dance at each assembly?

We bring a minimum of 2 dancers but can bring more depending on the assembly and schools needs.

What to expect?

Sampul Dance instructors aim to provide high energy, fun, interactive dance assemblies for all ages. Spreading the dance art to the youth while touching base on important parts of todays world is extremely important to us. We hope to inspire your students after participating in one of our assemblies.


We can host up to 300 students at a time but we do recommend splitting assemblies by grade.

Ex: Tk-2nd, 3rd-5th, 6th-8th, 9th-12th


Miss Samantha and the teachers at Sampul Dance Academy are just INCREDIBLE! They genuinely care about every single dancer and we couldn't be more grateful!

Jenna R.

Sophia very eagerly looks forward to class every single week. The teachers are truly amazing. Hands down the best dance school in the area!

Edward B.

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Sampul Dance Academy is a children's dance studio located in Chatsworth with an award-winning team dedicated to providing the best dance instruction whilst also empowering tomorrow's leaders.

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